Alt Controller is free Open Source software to help make computer games moreĀ accessible. It allows you to map computer inputs (like mouse pointer movements) to actions (like key presses) in order to create alternative controls.

Edit screen regions window
Defining regions of the screen in Alt Controller

For example, you can use Alt Controller to play racing games by moving the mouse pointer within defined regions of the screen instead of pressing keys. Using an eye gaze system or head mouse, you can look left to steer left, look up to accelerate, and so on.

Alt Controller was developed for the fantastic charity SpecialEffect who help people with disabilities to play computer games. It was successfully used at the 2011 Eurogamer Expo to help set a new world record for eye-controlled gaming, and again in 2012.

Alt Controller runs on Windows computers. To download the installer, click the Download button on the right. For developers, the source code is available here on GitHub.