Here are the answers to some questions you might have.

I’m getting an anti-virus warning. Is Alt Controller safe to install?

Unfortunately, this sometimes happens for a while after I make a new release of Alt Controller. It’s because the software isn’t digitally signed. Some day I will save up and buy a code signing certificate, but for now, please accept my apologies. The software download on this site (altcontroller.net) it is perfectly safe to download and use.

What languages is Alt Controller available in?

Alt Controller is currently available in English and German. If you are interested in translating the user interface into another language, please see the spreadsheet Strings_for_translation.xlsx in the Alt Controller source code which contains the text that needs to be translated. If you have any questions about translating the user interface, feel free to get in touch.

Which inputs can I use with Alt Controller?

You can use:

  • The mouse buttons and mouse pointer
  • The keyboard
  • Custom windows containing buttons that you design using the software

Alt Controller can be used in conjunction with alternative pointer control devices such as eye gaze systems and head mice to allow keyboard-less computer control.

Alt Controller can be used in conjunction with switches and voice software that can be mapped to key presses.

Which actions can Alt Controller perform?

It can:

  • Press / release / repeat / toggle keys
  • Press / release / click / double-click / toggle mouse buttons
  • Scroll the mouse wheel up and down
  • Move the mouse pointer
  • Switch between different sets of controls (either manually, or automatically based on which program is active)

You can assign actions to occur when the mouse pointer moves inside specific regions of the screen. This is useful for playing games using pointer control (including with eye or head tracking devices).

Where can I find profiles for Alt Controller?

Alt Controller comes with a few basic profiles for racing games, which you’ll see when you choose File – Open. To download more profiles, please visit the Profiles page.

Is Alt Controller a control “remapper”?

Not exactly. Alt Controller doesn’t remap or block any input events it detects, it just performs additional actions when they occur. So if you want to map a key to trigger Alt Controller to do something, you might need to choose a key that isn’t used in the game you’re playing.

What licence is Alt Controller released under?

Alt Controller is free Open Source software released under the GNU General Public License v3. See http://www.gnu.org/licenses/ for more information. A copy of the licence is also provided with the software.

Which technologies does Alt Controller use?

Alt Controller is a Microsoft C# .NET WPF application built using Visual Studio Community 2019. It uses the .NET Framework 4 Client Profile. For input, it uses .NET Framework functions to get the mouse pointer position and the GetKeyState Windows API to get keyboard and mouse button state information. For output, it uses the SendInput Windows API to emulate key strokes, mouse clicks and pointer movements.

Where can I find the source code?

For software developers, the source code is available here on GitHub.