Version 1.97 released

Hey there! A couple of users recently asked if it would be possible to make screen region borders translucent, so here’s a small software update that includes that feature. There is a new ‘Default region translucency’ setting in the program options (Display tab). Changing this will adjust how see-through screen regions are (both border and background image, if set). For backwards compatibility with previous versions, the default translucency is set to zero, but if you like this new feature, go ahead and change it to make your screen regions translucent.

For each screen region, there is the option to use this default translucency, which should be fine in most cases, or override it by specifying a different translucency value.

Version 1.96 released

Hi everyone! I’ve made a minor release of Alt Controller to reintroduce a couple of additional options for configuring ”Repeat key (directional)’ actions, which are typically used for steering or accelerating vehicles. These somehow got removed when I made some simplifications, but apparently some users find them useful. See the ‘Repeat key (directional) action’ section of theĀ Types of action help page for more information and a screenshot. I have also fixed a bug which was causing these actions sometimes to fail to release the key being pressed.

Additional options for ‘Repeat key (directional)’ actions

As always, full details of the latest changes can be found on the Release notes page.

Version 1.94 released

Hi folks! This minor update adds an option to ‘snooze’ Alt Controller profiles (i.e. not perform any actions) when you are using certain programs (e.g. Alt Controller itself). You can find the new option in the Apps tab of the Edit situations window and there’s more information and a screenshot on this help page.

As always, full details of the latest changes can be found on the Release notes page.

Instructive videos added

I’m delighted to announce that the Profiles page now features the amazing instructive videos created by Kousha which provide clear demonstrations of how to play various games using Alt Controller and the profiles he has created. I definitely recommend following his YouTube channel which you can find here: @Kousha11y.

Version 1.93 released

I’m pleased to announce that there’s a new version of Alt Controller available. This version focuses on improvements to the custom windows functionality. In addition, the user interface is now available in German. Many thanks to Georg for providing the German translation!

As always, full details of the latest changes can be found on the Release notes page.

New website launched!

Welcome to the newly developed Alt Controller website. I hope you will agree that it is a step forward. The user guide for the software has been updated and moved online and you can find it under the resources menu. I have also added a Profiles page and I warmly invite users to send in any useful profiles that they would like to share there. For developers, the source code is now available here on GitHub.