Loading profiles

When you start Alt Controller for the first time, you will see this window. Alt Controller has loaded a new (empty) profile. A profile is a set of mappings from computer inputs (like key presses and mouse clicks) to actions that you want Alt Controller to perform.

Main window

Alt Controller runs one profile at a time. Typically users create a separate profile for each game or application they want to control.

Alt Controller comes with a few sample profiles for you to try. For example, the Universal driving profile is a generic profile that can be used in a variety of racing games.

To load a profile, choose File – Open.

To understand what a profile does, see Previewing profiles.

To change the folder in which your profiles are stored by default, see Folder options.

To download more profiles, see the Profiles page.

To stop using a profile, you can either:

  • Close Alt Controller (“X” button, File – Close, or Alt+F4), or
  • Load a new blank profile (File – New, or Ctrl+N), or
  • Load a different profile (File – Open, or Ctrl+O).

By default, Alt Controller automatically loads the profile you last used when it starts up; you can turn this behaviour off in Tools – Options – Start up if you wish.