Timing options

Program options - Timing

Input polling interval The time delay in seconds between consecutive checks of the state of Alt Controller’s inputs (mouse buttons, keys, etc.). Users should rarely need to change this. If running on an older computer, increasing the interval a little might improve performance slightly. If the time interval is set too high, Alt Controller may start to miss input events such as fast mouse button clicks.

Display update intervalĀ The amount of time in seconds that the user interface waits between consecutive checks for new input events and corresponding display updates. From the user’s perspective, this only affects the refresh rate of the pointer indicator overlay. Reducing the time interval could make the pointer movement appear smoother, but may also affect performance adversely in some cases.

Pointer dwell timeĀ The amount of time in seconds that the mouse pointer must linger in a screen region or over a custom window button before any actions assigned to the Dwelled event reason are triggered.